Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sri Lankan magazines in English

“Tribune” was published in Sri Lanka from 1955 till the early 80s. Hence, it had quite a long run, especially considering that it was in English and catered to the serious reader. It was a weekly mag which came out every Saturday.  This particular issue came out on Aug. 15, 1981 and was priced at three rupees. The editor’s name is given as S. P. Amarasinham. The office was at 43, Dawson Street, Colombo 2.

“On the cover we have a comely rubber tapper blissfully ignorant of the fact that the bottom has dropped out of the international rubber market. Soon she will feel the impact of falling prices,” starts the Letter From the Editor, thus setting the tone. Articles include Editor’s Notebook (Media Again), DDC Elections – LSSP’s reactions, Johnsonese – On English, Book Review – Lenin and Asia, Film Focus—Colour Films (reviews of Sinhala, Tamil and English films. The English film reviewed is the Bond thriller “The Man With The Golden Gun”), Nostalgic Longings – Septugenarian, and others.

The magazine is of a left-wing disposition. The articles are well-written. It isn’t known when the magazine ceased publication.

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